What we Do

For us at Educational Cultural Exchanges, we believe no matter which program you choose, how long you stay, where you want to go or what language you speak, our goal is to help our participants fully immerse themselves in another culture. Each program is structured to help you learn about the language, customs and lifestyles of the local people.

Educational Cultural Exchanges (ECE) is non-profit organization to help improve education abroad programmes, internships, work and travel and training programmes to benefit the students that participate in them. ECE is achieving this goal by establishing standards of good practice, improving study abroad curricula, and promoting data collection and outcomes assessment, all to advocate for high quality education abroad, internships and training programs.

Our organisation is continuously establishing educational partnership with a host of educational institutions and other organisations worldwide, and under the partnership arrangement, the two organizations will cooperate with each other in the field of education abroad programmes, internships, work and travel and training programmes. With this unique educational arrangement, students who study abroad on ECE`s programme may be able to transfer their credits to their home institution.

These partnerships will enhance the image and working ability of the institution through the exchange programs for the faculty and students. This has enabled the students to achieved a global prospective and understanding in their field of studies Students have the opportunity to travel to these respective institutions for practical training and clinical experience for short terms during each academic year in most of the courses that are conducted by the institution.