INTERNSHIP PROGRAMMES: An international internship is the tool most used by students and career professionals to boost their CV, marketability and employment opportunities.We place students and young professionals from diverse backgrounds in their chosen profession, International internship and work programmes abroad tell employers, colleges and universities that you are well-rounded, adaptable, not afraid of new environments, and that you can offer a different and valuable perspective.

SEMESTER PROGRAMMES/ACADEMIC YEAR: Our study abroad programs – based in many countries around the world – span quite a number of academic disciplines than many exchange programmes in Ghana. And by combining that coursework with homestays, internships and a variety of cultural activities, ECE offers you a uniquely immersive international experience.

SUMMER PROGRAMMES: Spend a summer exploring the most vibrant country in West Africa. You will gain an appreciation of Ghana’s rich culture and tradition; learn how slavery, colonization, independence, and Pan-Africanism have influenced the country’s present-day society; and develop a better understanding of Ghanaian people through the academic courses, co-curricular activities, and volunteer projects. You will take innovative courses in Ghanaian history, politics, music, and dance taught by faculty from the premier institute of higher learning in Ghana
* Learn firsthand about Ghanaian society through volunteer opportunities at local orphanages, NGOs, schools, and other service organizations
* Explore Ghana’s rich history and culture through a series of ECE excursions to sites including Tamale, Ada, Aburi, Cape Coast, Elmina, and Kumasi

WORK AND TRAVEL PROGRAMMES: Experience the world in a way most tourists cannot. Whether you are a recent university graduate or a mid-career professional you can get paid Teach Abroad programs in Chile, China, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Spain, Thailand and Vietnam for university graduates who are looking to teach English abroad, gain real world experience, and make a difference in a foreign community. Knock on our doors we are ready to help you achieve your dreams.

HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMMES: Our programmes are not just for University students and young professionals. We send high school students for academic programmes and educational tours as to how they can get into tertiary institutions abroad.

CUSTOMISED PROGRAMMES: If you dont find yourself in any of the programmes mentioned above. You can just tell us what you want to do and we will have it done at the snap of our fingers.